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CNC-draai- en freesdiensten

We kunnen CNC-draai- en freesdiensten aanbieden.

Dit kan zowel ontwerp- & tekenwerk zijn als werken naar aangeleverde tekeningen. We kunnen werken met een reeks bestandstypen, van PDF- tot .STP- en .STL-bestanden, of van handschetsen.

Neem dan contact op om uw wensen te bespreken.


Brake Kit Conversions & Upgrades

With a background in brake system design we can offer brake kit conversions & upgrades.

To correctly specify a brake system you need to consider all aspects;

  • Brake line diameter

  • Pedal ratio

  • Disc diameter

  • Caliper piston size / number of

  • Master cylinder bore size

  • Pad area

  • Weight distribution

We can calculate the ideal set up based on fixed parameters, specify the complete system or advise on changes based on only replacing a front kit for example.


Taking an existing upright or suspension leg we can then measure, design & manufacturing aluminium mounting bells and brackets to suit your vehicle along with supplying AP Racing brake calipers, discs & brake pads.

We are also distributors for Tilton's range of pedal boxes, master cylinders and fluid reservoirs to complete the braking system.


Please get in touch if we can help with your braking system.


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